The sales start for tickets to Sweden Rock Festival 2014 will be on the 25th of September – keep that date in mind! 

Until then and to keep the festival spirit alive why not listen to some great music and enjoy Sweden Rock Festival's own beverages. From Speyside, Scotland, comes The Holy Spirit of Sweden Rock Whisky in exclusive numbered bottles. Only 5000 bottles have been produced and almost all sold out. We still have a few in stock, but you need to act now if you want to get ahold of your own bottle. 

The wine, Sweden Rock Deadication Crianza, is a high quality Rioja made for rockers that love good food and good wine. It goes great with steak and game, so for the last BBQs of the summer it is a given choice. 

Brands For Fans arranged one of the coolest BBQ sessions ever on the festival camp this year. We called it the "The Holy Grill". Artist like Doro Pesch, Ian Haugland from Europe, all the guys from Firewind and many more joined us for a great afternoon where we served grilled entrecote, corn, baked potatoes and a couple of the hottest BBQ sauses ever from Extreme Food.

This togehter with the new Rioja wine, Sweden Rock Deadication Crianza, was a match made in heaven!


To buy Sweden Rock Deadication Crianza at Systembolaget:

To buy The Holy Spirit of Sweden Rock at Systembolaget:

One more thing; have you noticed the QR code on the back labels? You should, there are great offers to catch if you do…