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The Band

Slayer set the standard for Thrash Metal early in their career. They have released 11 albums, played uncountable live concerts and are considered one of the world’s biggest and most influential metal bands.

Slayers enormously impactful breakthrough album, “Reign in Blood”, was released 25 years ago and their latest album “World Painted Blood” in 2009.  

In the beginning, when there were no blueprints, no set paths, no boundaries or steps to follow, SLAYER assaulted the world with its new hybrid of metal and punk. Heavier, faster and darker than the rest, Slayer set the new standard which all others continue to follow. Slayer - Tom Araya/bass & vocals, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman/ guitars, and Dave Lombardo/drums - is the band that other heavy acts are measured against, defining not only a genre but an attitude. Since Day One, Slayer has mirrored the turmoil and aberrations of our society. Probably as much, if not more than any other like- genre artist, Slayer’s songs speak to the ongoing social, political and economic disorder that others - like the mainstream media - gloss over or completely ignore. For nearly three decades, Slayer's onslaught of sheer brutality has proven them to be the supreme thrash-metal band on the planet.


Tom Araya 
Kerry King
Jeff Hanneman
Paul Bostaph!/slayer