The wine a Cabernet Sauvignon has been picked by the death metal rockers and originates from their home state of California. Sari H Wilholm at Brands For Fans comments: “We’re confident that Slayer fans will love Reign in Blood. Apart from being a great tasting wine, it also has the cockiest label in the wine industry.”

Reign In Blood is a full-bodied wine with dark berries and spicy oakiness giving it an intense thrash metal feel - perfect with barbecued meat and game. For those wanting to party in true death metal style, the wine is also being released in a unique coffin-like packaging (check out the merchshop, it will shop up there). Reign in Blood is currently only available in Sweden, but Brands for Fans – a start-up company specialising in branded music products who’s behind the launch – is currently planning a rollout programme in other countries. For all you people visiting Metaltown festival in Sweden Gotheburg will be lucky! The wine will be availible in all bars at the festival!

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