Finally on stage again! Slayer kicked off their european tour at Alexandra Palace in London this Friday 25th at the ATP Festival. They performed all songs from the ”Reign In Blood” album plus some other great stuff. The show was amazing and the venue was packed with fans.

Happy and in a good mood, Tom Araya and Kerry King joined up with Brands for Fans after the show for a couple of glasses of ”Reign In Blood Red”. Don’t forget to check out our new cool stuff from the Abyss connected to the wine. According to the guys this is the coolest merch ever made; coffin gift boxes, engraved wine glasses, iphone shells and a must have Slayer apron with the mandatory bloodstains on it! You can find everything in our merch shop soon.

Setlist from 25th at Alexandra Palace, London

01. World Painted Blood

02. Psychopathy Red

03. Die by the Sword

04. Chemical Warfare

05. Hate Worldwide

06. Dead Skin Mask

07. Angel of Death

08. Piece by Piece

09. Necrophobic

10. Altar of Sacrifice

11. Jesus Saves

12. Criminally Insane

13. Reborn

14. Epidemic

15. Postmortem

16. Raining Blood

17. South of Heaven

18. Snuff

19. War Ensemble