Reign in Blood – Reign in Wine

In 2012 Slayer partnered up with Brands for Fans to funnel the raw power and energy of the Reign in Blood album into a bottle. The result: Slayer Reign in Blood Red Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine with its roots as deep in the California soil as the band itself Slayer’s classic Album - Reign in Blood – was part of defining a genre, Thrash metal.

As a part of the Thrash metal Big Four, Slayer was part of creating the unique sound characterized by a fast tempo and aggression. The themes of Reign in Blood continue to define the band to this day. Slayer: always living on the edge! The Reign in Blood Red Cabernet Sauvignon is driven by same undisputed attitude. The wine is relentless; spicy and juicy with smooth tannins. Well structured with flawless bridges between the oak and the subtle strings of jam packed fruit.

We met up with a happy Tom Araya when Slayer played Stockholm in August 2013 and he explained some more about their thoughts on the wine. Check it out!


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