Motörhead is turning it up to 11 on the 1st of February with the release of Sacrifice Shiraz Bag-in-Box. This is the world’s first Bag-in-Box for the rock’n’roll world...and it ain’t any old box either! Modelled to look exactly like a guitar amplifier, this is a unique, iconic packaging from “the world’s loudest band” that unreservedly demands its place on the wine shelf.

Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz Bag-in-Box is made from the same grape that has already become a hit among fans. Just like the bottled wine, Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz comes from South Eastern Australia and has a deep red colour with aromas of blackberry and black currant. It is a wine full of flavour with a good spiciness, which has been shown to fit both Motörhead’s fans and others who want a wine with attitude and a unique consigner.

“Can you decorate your rock’n’roll table with something better? No, I would not believe so,” says Mikkey Dee. Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz Bag-in-Box is THE obvious choice for any rock and roll soiree.

Sacrifice can be ordered at Systembolaget or at Motörhead Drinks Shop

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