Just in time for Christmas shopping the new, limited Snaggletooth Motörtube edition of Motörhead Shiraz hits the shelfs. This new packaging that feature a massive picture of the bands epic logo – Snaggletooth – is available for a limited time only.


Snaggletooth, the war-pig logo, is one of the most significant trademarks of Motörhead and as tightly knit to the soul of the band as Lemmy himself. There was no doubt about it that the logo should take center stage on the label when Motörhead Shiraz was launched in 2011 - an instant success with fans all over the world - the wine has sold over 400 000 bottles in Sweden and internationally.

”Motörhead want their fans to celebrate Christmas with a rock ’n’ roll attitude and that means that the heaviest and most delicious rock wine on the market should have the heaviest and the most fantastic packaging available. And this is as cool as it gets!”, says Mikkey Dee, Motörhead 

By mixing influences from various genres into their music Motörhead, with lead man and bassist; Lemmy Kilmeister, quickly became one af the brightest shining star on Metal heaven and a band would come to define and influence a whole genre. By launching Motörhead Shiraz they broke a whole new set of rules by showing that it is possible to combine heavy riffs and heavy metal with a brutal bottle of wine.

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