In Flames wrap up extensive gin project with IKON No.13 gin and release exclusive tonic.

By ways of ambitious and ground breaking projects, it’s hard to beat In Flames journey into the world of craft gin. Following six widely acclaimed flavoured gins, the time has come for the ultimate release: In Flames IKON No13 gin.

Over the past years, Anders Fridén, singer of In Flames, has built up a solid reputation as a knowledgeable and innovative voice within the world of spirits. With a column in Swedish whisky magazine “Allt om Whisky” as well as signature bottlings from Glenfarclas (fun fact: the family owned distillery have only done one music signature bottle other than In Flames, and that was with Phil Collins) and Swedish distillers High Coast Distillery, Anders passion and expertise in Spirits is hard to go unnoticed. In both cases, Fridén was on location selecting and nosing casks in the warehouses. Following a growing interest in craft beer, Anders Fridén formed Frequency Beer Works, buying a brewery north of Stockholm where he spends his days when not touring with In Flames or recording. He’s also worked with several top chefs in Sweden combining food and drinks, adding to the widely acclaimed praise for his great sense of creating new pairings.

When embarking on a mission to introduce Swedish craft gin, Anders Fridén sat down with distiller Patrick Holmqvist to explore what flavours would enhance the juniper-driven character of gin. Together they created what would become the first of a series of releases: In Flames Signature Craft Gin No. 13 - pink pepper and lime.
Selling out within hours, the first gin became an immediate fan favourite while also being received with open arms by bartenders and the press alike. Taking a no-compromise approach towards craft gin and highlighting the interesting flavour combinations was a welcome move within an industry marked by big players and industrial production.

Working with the band, they then introduced further gins to the market: guitar legend, Björn Gelotte contributed an elderflower & cucumber infused gin while guitarist, Niclas Engelin introduced green tea & bergamot for his release. The last signature release was by American bass player, Bryce Paul Newman, which married the gin with unique grapefruit and rhubarb flavours.

July 2018 saw In Flames launching their own festival; Borgholm Brinner, in the town of Borgholm on Öland. In Flames closed out each night of the festival with two exclusive sets, following performances from bands like Refused, Raised Fist, Satyricon, Danko Jones, Graveyard, Comeback Kid, Tribulation and Dark Tranquillity. For the occasion, the Borgholm Brinner Gin by In Flames was released, flavoured with ginger and pommegrenade. The year was summarized with the Crew Batch - lingonberry and cranberry, released as a tribute to the hard-working crew behind the scenes of the In Flames machine. Each and every release has seen the band sit down with the distillers tasting, tweaking and perfecting every nuance of the gin. As meticulous as the band are with their music and expression, they place the same attention to detail in the creation of the gin that carries their name.

Up to date, these have all been limited edition releases with original and innovative fusions of flavour. Now, In Flames face the wider audiences with the release of IKON gin, characterized by its enhanced juniper flavours. Bottled at 43% abv, IKON is the band’s way of introducing craft gin as a high-quality drink and finding the right balance, where Fridén has been hands-on in every step of the process.

To compliment the IKON gin, In Flames are also releasing a brand-new tonic, produced at EKO-bryggeriet in Norrköping. Following Borgholm Brinner, where a dedicated gin bar was erected, serving the gins with tonic from Ekobryggeriet, the idea soon formed to create In Flames tonic. The tonic will be a bespoke, organic tonic flavoured with a hint of the finest orange peel to balance and enhance the flavours of the IKON gin.

Anders Fridén, vocalist of In Flames and driving force behind the tonic said: “If you want to make a great drink properly, the ingredients are very important. Sure, you can throw something together quickly, but the whole experience becomes so much better and nicer when you work with good stuff. I guess that’s the same with everything really, and that’s why it felt right to work with Ekobryggeriet when we wanted to produce a tonic of our own. Working with people who care as much about their product as much as we care about our music is incredibly important to us. It’s been a very rewarding experience to experiment and create what we think is the ultimate compliment to your favourite drink. Created with devotion and meant to be drunk the same way… cheers!”

In Flames IKON No13 gin is released at the Swedish Systembolaget, while the In Flames Tonic is retailing now at select stores in Sweden.

Order In Flames TONIC at>> (Only for Sweden)

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