In Flames release new gin and pay tribute to the hardest working people in rock: The Road Crew 

The Road Crew: the mythic, motley bunch of people who are arguably the hardest working crowd behind the scenes; making sure the wheels of the machine we know as rock stay well-greased and continue to roll no matter what. Gear is loaded onto stage, guitars are tuned, drums are assembled, pristine live sound is delivered and light shows of epic proportions are executed - all to enable the band to perform at the top of their game.

Such is the power of the Road Crew that artists have sung their praises, literally. Tom Petty crooned of his roadie named Bart, while Motörhead immortalised the hedonistic lifestyles of their men on the road in the anthem “We are the road crew”.

As we introduce the newest In Flames limited Gin, The Crew Batch, we must now ask the question, ‘Has anyone gone as far as In Flames to honour their road crew?’ In Flames Signature Craft Gin No. 13: The Crew Batch; Lingonberry & Cranberry sees the innovative and acclaimed series of craft gin from In Flames further push the envelope in terms of new, exciting flavours. 

This new, limited batch follows multiple successful releases signed by the band members and a special bottling for the band’s sold out festival, “Borgholm Brinner” in July. The Crew Batch takes on the distinctly Swedish flavour of lingonberry and blends with the distinctive cranberry notes to create a new, original take on modern craft gin. Refreshing and, mixed with the juniper of the gin, an absolute perfect match for a well-made tonic. 

In Flames singer, Anders Fridén, says:
“We know how to create our way of heavy metal, but without some (or a lot of....) help we wouldn't survive many days on the road. This is our dedication to our friends, our family: The hardworking people of the In flames crew.

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