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5/9/2019 11:49 AM

THE JESTER is the ultimate drink for all summer chillin´, based on In Flames Tonic!

Fill up a wine coupe (this is the Spanish style to serve a Gin and Tonic) with ice, add sliced strawberries, basil and top it with In Flames Tonic. If preferred, you can easily add 5 cl of IKON No.13 Gin as a final.

Coolest drink this Summer!

In Sweden you can order the tonic at; and IKON No.13 Gin at Systembolaget;

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Posted in h By Sari Wilholm

IKON No.13 Gin Sour

4/23/2019 1:46 PM

This drink, TOUCH OF RED, is first in our series of drinks created with IKON No.13 Gin
This drink is very refreshing with a slight taste of sour.

How to make TOUCH OF RED:

5cl IKON No.13 Gin, 3cl lemon, 2cl grenadine, 1cl ginger juice and Peychauds Bitter + egg white.Shake vigorously, add ice, double strain into a coupetteglass (see picture above)

Hope you´ll enjoy it!

In Sweden you can order IKON No.13 at Systembolaget>>
For other countries check out "RETAILER".

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Posted in h By Sari Wilholm