When Gothenburg metal titans Mustasch moves into the beverage world, it is with Midnight Runner Black Violet, a shot flavored with licorice and violets.

At the same time they also release a brutal upper-cut single with classic Mustasch riffs and an infectious chorus. Midnight Runner Black Violet is Mustasch's first beverage product and the pride can not be mistaken! Ralf Gyllenhammar, singer and guitarist in Mustasch says: - "When you have been knocked out listening to our music, this is like cotton for the soul in the form of a licorice and violet shot

When working on samples and tasting for the shot, Maria Strand from Gefle Hårdrocksklubb was invited to participate and try different flavoring. After diligent testing everybody agreed on the right balance and character in Midnight Runner Black Violet.

- "When I was asked to participate at the first tasting of Mustasch's shot, I was overjoyed since I'm a big fan of the band. The whole club now eagerly look forward to the launch of the shot with the same name as the new song "Midnight Runner". We do hope that our members appreciate this as much as we do", says Maria Strand.

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