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Some truly classic songs have named these highly anticipated new releases. One is the American whiskey Iron Fist and the other is a unique shot named Motörhead Bömber. 


Specially selected herbs, an intense, smoky charcoal with hints of spicy black peppar and a good pinch of rock’n’roll. These are the ingredients that make Motörhead Bömber different from any shot you ever had before. 

To make sure it lived up to the band’s legendary status a group of dedicated rockers and drinkers got invited to a very special event. Their honorable mission: to make a shot for the Motörhead fans of the world under the guidance from master blender Daniel Henriksson. And they surely succeeded with their assignment. Whether you’re in the middle of a wild party or having a quiet barbeque – this is the perfect shot to raise in honor of Lemmy.   

As if that wasn’t enough, there is another great release coming up. This one’s an American prime whisky named after one of Motörhead’s most classical songs and albums – Iron Fist. 

As we all know, Lemmy didn’t only love rock’n’roll at the loudest volume possible, he was also a big fan of American whiskey and had a dream to one day develop his own brand. In 2014, Lemmy and Motörhead began collaborating with Brands for Fans to create an American whiskey that was breathtaking enough to wear the band’s logotype. 

And– finally! – here is a fullbodied spiced whiskey with flavours of caramel, dried fruits, nuts and oak. It’s so good that it deserves to be named after one of the greatest songs ever written. 

The band member’s commitment to both projects have played a crucial part in bringing out these amazing products.  

Just like the band itself they both have “classic” written all over them. 

Motörhead Bömber Smoky Shot is launched in Sweden 28th of May
Link to order in Sweden >>

Motörhead Iron fist amercian Whiskey is launched 3rd of June
Link to order in Sweden>>

Read the Swedish release here>>

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Motörhead launch their first rum

11/26/2018 12:42 PM

It is impossible to imagine the world of modern music without acknowledging the impact of Motörhead. Whether it’s metal, heavy rock, blues or even pop, you can find the influence of Motörhead musically, visually and, perhaps most telling, attitude-wise. The term “legacy” just doesn’t even begin to do the Lemmy Kilmister-led trio justice.


Apart from creating their own auditorial tsunami of sound, they also made their mark in the world of drinks, with iconic red and rosé wine bottlings, a vodka as well as a single malt whisky and the Bastards Lager beer. 

With a rum from the Dominican Republic in the pipeline since a couple of years, it made sense for everyone involved to see the project through, and December the 1:st finally sees the release of Motörhead Rum. As with every beverage the band put their name to, it’s been a hands-on affair with no detail left unchecked. Quality, craftsmanship and a total no bull-attitude has defined these releases, and the Motörhead Rum is not treated differently. 

The Motörhead Rum has been aged for 8 years in ex-bourbon barrels, which in the world of rums puts it in the finest quality corner. The aging has been done with the Solera process, meaning that as the oldest rum is pulled from the cask, younger rum is added to mature in the same cask. The result is a smooth dark brown rum with a balanced sweetness and notes of arrack, vanilla and dried fruits. 

Yvonne Wener, business manager at Brands For Fans says:
“We cannot begin to express how proud we are to have been given the opportunity to work closely with Motörhead over the years, releasing quality drinks in all forms. The most dedicated, wonderful guys one could ever ask for, and true gentlemen in every sense. While we miss them more than anything, we are thrilled to be able to contribute to the band’s legacy with the Motörhead Rum, which we hope the Motörhead fans and friends of rum will enjoy equally.”

You will find Motörhead Premium Dark Rum in 360 Systembolaget stores in Sweden.

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