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When Swedish rock behemoths Ghost turn their attention to the world of drinks, they do so in classic manner. Juniper Gin, flavoured with cilantro is a highly drinkable gin with fresh, fruity notes. However, barely had the artwork for the new gin been revealed before discussions ran high on the internet: is it a juniper gin, or is it the works of a darker spirit - as in a Lucifer Gin?

Whichever way one chooses to read the label, the fact remains: Ghost have released a top class gin, impressing connoisseurs and fans alike. The distinct flavours of juniper and cilantro give it a unique character, making it a perfect base for a gin & tonic, or sipped neat, on its own.

Referencing the historic and cultural meaning of blood on the bottle’s label, it comes as little surprise using cilantro in the flavouring. Through the ages cilantro has been used as a natural medicament to help balance blood pressure among other things.

Produced in Sweden at Götene Spritfabrik AB, Cardinal Copia enjoyed the thorough process of choosing the right flavours to get the balance between light and darkness perfected. 

Sari H Wilholm at Brands For Fans says:
— Ghost have become a worldwide phenomenon and a force of nature, and we’re really happy to be continuing our work with the band, and Cardinal Copia. Götene Spritfabrik AB have created a truly amazing gin, and we’re thrilled to release the result of this collaboration.

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Ghost crush all conventions and launch Papastrello - world’s most unholy wine. Launch 4th of April in Sweden!

Papa Emeritus III and his nameless ghouls take things one-step beyond with new wine Papastrello - an Italian red wine for the unholy moments of life.

While the label might claim this Italian red wine, based on Corvina and Rondinella grapes, would pair well with roast meats, game and aged cheese as well as standing alone as accompaniment to after-dinner discussion, the band would like to inform you that it goes equally well with most rituals, wicker-burnings and other pagan activities. From the Veronese region of Italy, the style of wine is characterised by it’s very slow fermentation and the long maceration on it’s skins, producing a well balanced wine with an excellent body and good fruitiness and spiciness. 

Red wine has since the beginning of history been linked to the communion and has many meanings and symbols for religious people over the world. A view Papa Emeritus III doesn’t agree with completely:
"– They say this wine is the blood of Christ? I would argue otherwise. It’s fermented grapes. That’s all. Very nice fermented grapes… but fruit nonetheless." 

Sari H Wilholm, Brands for Fans, is more diplomatic: – Ghost is an amazing band, and we love working with them. With the huge success of both the Grale and Lincopia beers, it feels like a natural next step to launch a red wine which shows the band’s attention to detail and high standards of everything they do. "- As I said, Papa Emeritus III finishes off; this wine is not holier than thou or myself. It’s a good bottle to bring when you are about to sacrifice something sacred. It’s fermented grapes with a nice label!"

When Ghost released their first beer; Ghost Grale, a scotch ale from Nils Oscar Brewery, it became a huge success. Tributes poured into social media and both the music- as well as beer critics agreed that it was a brilliant beer. The strictly limited edition of 10.000 bottles sold out within a few days.

Ghost Papastrello is released on April 4th, and retails for 275 SEK at Systembolaget in Sweden.

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