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Brands For Fans and Great Brands in new, exciting collaboration!

Every now and then a collaboration will take place that feels natural, on the verge of pre-destined. Where one plus one actually equals three. This is definitely one of those occasions: from April 1:st,

Great Brands will be selling Brands For Fans beverage portfolio to restaurants and bars in Sweden including Motörhead Bastards Lager and Röad Crew IPA. Great Brands have established themselves as one of Swedens leading distributors of beer, working with brands such as Oskar Blues (with top seller Dales Pale Ale among others), Ska Brewing (Modus Hoperandi etc) and award winning Cigar City Brewing from the United States. Among Swedish breweries, Frequency Beer Works and Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri can be found.

Brands For Fans build beverage brands in close collaboration with their artists and creative communication around each release. Together with artists like Ghost, HammerFall, In Flames, Jonas Åkerlund, Motörhead, Mustasch, Plura, Scorpions, Slayer and Sweden Rock Festival, high quality products are launched with focus on flavour and credibility. Great Brands have a wide reach in Sweden, Norway and Finland with a dedicated sales team.

With this new collaboration the portfolio is complemented with beer as well as spirits from Brands For Fans. With sales teams in Gothenburg and Stockholm and already existing brands with a music-driven business, such as Frequency Beer Works, there are tons of possibilities and exciting synergies and releases.

Yvonne Wener at Brands For Fans:
- We’re incredibly happy and proud to kick off a collaboration with Great Brands. Obviously, from a business perspective, there are many opportunities and synergy-effects, and we know there is a huge demand for our products on the horeca-market. Also, on a personal level, we love Jugge and his team and always have a blast together. Our search for a professional collaborator with tons of passion and tongue firmly placed in cheek is over; the team at Great Brands tick all boxes!

- It’s going to be a fun journey to work with the amazing spirit products that Brands For Fans produce. No other company has so successfully managed to pinpoint it’s target audience with dedicated fans rather than regular customers. Their portfolio will be a perfect addition to our international and Swedish brands, says Jugge Hasselqvist at Great Brands.

The collaboration between Brands For Fans and Great Brands starts April the 1:st.

About Great Brands
After importing craft beer for a number of years, Great Brands was finally launched as a company in 2008. Since then Great Brands have been striving to provide quality beer to Sweden and Scandinavia. Great Brands products can be found at Systembolaget (Sweden), Vinmonopolet (Norway), Alko (Finland) as well as in well stocked bars and restaurants in Scandinavia.

Check Great Brands webpage>>

Jörgen Hasselqvist
+ 46 70 491 58 58

Key Account Manager (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering)
Henrik Briggler
+46 76 633 99 96

Joakim Strömberg 
+ 46 70 679 37 63

ORDER (Only Hotel, Restaurants and Catering)
+46 513 226 06

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Göteborgs Heavy Metal-band bestiger tronen med ”Legacy of Kings” - en skotsk single-malt whisky som släpps idag den 6 oktober i begränsad upplaga.

HammerFall, hårdrocksbandet från Göteborg, har toppat försäljningslistor, fått guld och platinautmärkelser och varit huvudnamn på festivaler världen över. I höst hittar vi inte bara HammerFall med nya albumet (r)Evolution på skivdiskarna, utan också på Systembolagets hyllor i form av ”Legacy of Kings”.

Legacy of Kings släpps i begränsad upplaga, vilket innebär att när de flaskor som finns sålts är den unika whiskyn helt slut. Det rör sig om en single-malt whisky från de skotska öarna, uppbyggd av både bourbon och sherryfat. Whiskyn har en rökig karaktär, som är både komplex, djup och fyllig. 

HammerFall ”Legacy of Kings” Single Malt Scotch Whisky släpps idag på Systembolaget i begränsad upplaga om 5000 exemplar.

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Kolla in whiskyn på Systembolaget.

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