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Motörhead is the loudest band in the world and the biggest when it comes to producing their own alcoholic beverages.

Besides their extensive touring or being busy in the studio recording a new album, Motörhead take the time to take part in branding their own alcoholic beverages and became almost pioneers in crossing music with drinks. With beers, wines, vodka, cider and latest the Motörhead Whisky, Motörhead is using their best known logo in the rock world on the outside of the bottles paired with tasteful spirits inside to succeed in great sales. The first Whisky batch was sold out within 3 weeks; the Motörhead wine is an on going bestseller since it hit the market. The Vodka is as tasteful and straight as the black bottle is promising and be sure that the new beer and cider will hit the target market in no time around the world.

How come Motörhead does this? The answer is simple, most of the Motörhead fans enjoy beer, wine or whisky anyway and it seems natural to connect the “new” merch with the band.

‘It’s great to have our own range of alcoholic beverages and each of us has their favourite. I’m the one who enjoys the beer most, says Mikkey Dee.

Lemmy adds: As everyone knows the Vodka and Whiskey are just perfect for me and Phil says ‘I am the cider guy so it was natural to come out with the “Snaggeltooth” cider as well’

Sari Wilholm from Brands For Fans: ‘there are of course trends when it comes to drinks but for us it is very important that we create and taste the beverages together with the band and that they like themselves.

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Slayer in Sweden Rock Magazine

8/25/2015 1:09 PM

In the latest issue of Sweden Rock magazine Slayer is interviewd about their new album "Repentless" that will be released 9/11 2015. Read also when Tom Araya talks about the story behind making Slayer Reign In Blood wine and how come they did the Slayer 666 Red Ale together with Nils Oscar Brewery.

”I’m the beer drinker in the band” Tom Araya, tell us about Slayer 666 Red Ale.

– When Brands For Fans reached out the first time and suggested we ought to make the Reign in Blood Red wine, I wasn’t too sure. I’m smart enough to realise that a lot of people want to use a famous band’s name to sell a substandard product. But they persisted and it turned out they had actually made a proper Cabernet Sauvignon in collaboration with a vineyard in California.

–  They also wanted to do a beer with us and managed to find a master brewer who not only had won lots of awards, but was also a huge Slayer fan. He’d been experimenting with different types of malts to achieve a really special flavour, and tried to explain it with all these chemical descriptions. I didn’t understand a word, but thought the beer tasted amazing.

Unlike Kerry King, I’m a big beer drinker and can tell a good bitterness from a bad. Our beer has a long, fresh aftertaste. It’s perfect for a beverage that should be savoured rather than knocked back.

What do you feel the label on the bottle expresses?
– Precisely what I want it to express: This is the band Slayer’s own beer. Nobody could ever be mistaken when they see the eagle that probably is more associated with us than the band logo itself. I actually contributed to the design by loading the artwork into Photoshop and suggesting a few tweaks.

What’s your position on which alcoholic products you attach the name Slayer to?
– It has to be about drinks we think are worth buying ourselves. There are many products with Slayer’s name on that we’ve vetoed. For example, we’d never allow anyone to sell a beer in Slayer’s name without trying it ourselves first. That I was given the honour to judge the taste on this one is because I’m the beer drinker in the band. If we’d produce a vodka or a tequila after the beer, it would be Kerry who’d be trying and tasting. He’s as picky with liquor as I am with beer and wine.

Can a beer taste like Slayer?
– It can taste authentic. So, yes, a beer can taste like Slayer.

Order your Slayer 666 Red Ale in Sweden at Systembolaget here >>
Order your Slayer 666 Red Ale in UK here >>

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