Now, Status Quo Piledriver is once again in stock at Systembolaget. When originally launched (July 16th), the delivered beer bottle had the original label containing a bomb which were not approved in Sweden. 
Therefore, the stock had to be replaced but now the approved Piledriver is in stock and ready to be ordered. 

When rock ‘n’ roll legends Status Quo turned to the Oxfordshire brewery to launch their very own beer, everyone thought it would be a success – but no one knew it would be such a success so quickly. For the beer that bears the name of one of the band’s classic albums, Piledriver, has sold over 700.000 pints in less than three months. For the band who have been rocking’ all over the world for nearly half a century a move into brewing is a dream come true.

Francis Rossi said, "Music and beer go well together! Anyone denying that has never been to a gig - and certainly not a Quo show. We wanted to create something special for the fans, and us of course, to enjoy. Piledriver is it, and our fans clearly do enjoy it, a lot." 

The band’s relation to Sweden, which they’ve always meant is extraordinary, becomes even more special when the Swedish Piledriver beer gets a different label than the rest of the world. Swedish monopoly Systembolaget vetoed the original label where an animated gorilla holds a stylized bomb. It was found not suitable with an explosive on the label, so the Swedish version sees the same gorilla holding a barrel instead.

About Piledriver Classic English Ale

As classically british as the band itself this style of beer is an ’amber ale’ whose reddish color comes from the caramel and crystal malts used. The hops in the recipe are Goldings and Cascade, providing a soft, round bitterness that characterizes typically british ales. The alcohol level is 4.3% which makes this to an so called ”session ale”. 

Whychwood Brewery in Witney, outside Oxford, was formed 1983 and is most well known in Sweden for beers like Hobgoblin. 

PRICE: 26,90 kronor (sold in 12-pack)


ORIGIN: England

INGREDIENTS: Malt, wheat

HOPS: Golding, Cascade

VOLUME: 500 ml


BREWERY: Wychwood Brewery


Buy the beer in Sweden: Systembolaget


Status Quo