Swedish worldwide success-story Ghost release their own beer, ”Grale” together with Nils Oscar Brewery.

Swedish band Ghost caused a serious stir in the world of rock when they released their debut album ”Opus Eponymous” four years ago. Gaining fans such as James Hetfield of Metallica and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, word spread of the anonymous horror-rockers whose dark, evil message was dressed up in a melodic and easily accessible shroud. With their second album ”Infestissumam”, they cemented their position on the map of the world’s most interesting new bands. Under the guidance of the Pope Papa Emeritus II and his nameless ghouls, Ghost have toured intensively and been awarded both gold albums and high chart positions around the globe.

Grale, Ghosts first step into the world of beer, is a Scotch Ale brewed at Nils Oscar Brewery in Nyköping, Sweden, and is based on six different malts and four types of hops. That the alcohol strength is set firmly at 6.66% only seems logical. With notes of citrus, figs and orange, it’s a big bodied beer with superb balance. Given how sought after Ghost’s merchandise and vinyl editions have become with collectors, both fans of the band and good beer will have to hurry over to Systembolaget to lay their hands on a set of bottles when released on December 1:st.

– Ghost is definitely one of the most exciting bands on the rock scene to hail from Sweden in many, many years, says Sari H Wilholm at Brands For Fans. We are very honoured that they have chosen to make a beer with Nils Oscar Brewery, and us, which we think is one of the absolute best in Europe.

Vocalist Papa Emeritus II has declined to comment on the beer officially, as there is some uncertainty regarding his future position in the band.

Grale is released December 1:st in a strictly limited edition of 10.000 bottles.

About Ghost

The band was formed in 2008 and released their debut-album Opus Eponymous on cult label Rise Above in 2010. With vocalist Papa Emeritus II at the helm, the band of nameless ghouls soon became talk of the town on forums with discussions and speculation on the member’s true identities remaining fruitless to this day. After being courted by several major labels, Ghost released their second album, ”Infestissumam” on Universal Music in 2013, and won both a Grammis and national radio P3’s prestigious award. The EP ”If You Have Ghosts”, produced by Foo Fighters head man Dave Grohl, was released later the same year, seeing the band interpret other artist’s songs, including bands like ABBA.

About Grale

Scotch Ale is a style of beer originating from Scotland, where the scottish beers are often characterized by heavier, bigger brews. Grale is based on six different malts, with both wiener and pilsener malt in the mix, before it sees the addition of four different hops; El Dorado, Citra, Magnum Fuggles and Amarillo. It is categorised as relatively strong with an ABV of 6,66%. Nils Oscar Brewery in Nyköping is Swedens largest craft-brewery and has become famous internationally for it’s God Lager and Kalasöl, among others.

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