What happens when you take some of the biggest albums in the history of Rock and put them in the headphones of one of California’s most progressive wine makers?

The results can be found in Wines That Rock, which have been produced accompanied by the music of Pink Floyd’s iconic “Dark Side of the Moon”, the mastodont-success of The Police “Synchronicity” and a collection of immortal classics that form Rolling Stones “50 licks”.

Rather than a bottle of wine getting a label stuck on to become yet another addition to the vast catalogue of merchandise most artists have, this is all about Mark Beaman; a music-loving wine maker who has blended grapes and flavors to create a wine that has interplayed with the music he brought to the vineyard. The bottles produced are accolades to albums and songs which have been the soundtrack of generations of music lovers lives all round the world. Wines That Rock have also gained access to the original artwork, which makes them something every fan can put on their shelves with pride.

Dark Side of The Moon is based on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, and Beaman relied on the dark, brooding atmosphere of the album for the blend. For Synchronicity - a title that literally means “happenings that interact, not by coincidence” - Mark Beaman has blended six different grapes to achieve the right character. The challenge for Rolling Stones “50 Licks” was in producing a wine that matches the huge amount of classics that Rolling Stones have written over the years. The grape that has aged with best dignity according to Beaman is Merlot, so that became the base of this tribute.

That the wines being made are of the highest quality is also evident when looking at the amount of awards and prizes Mark Beaman has received at international drinks competitions. Wines That Rock more or less took a clean sweep at the International New World Wine competition, winning three gold and one silver medal for it’s wines.

These days, when sustainability and environmental awareness is more important than ever, Mendocino Wine Company is a leader by being carbon-dioxide neutral, using 100% green energy and practice sustainable farming.

The wines have previously been available on the swedish market, but the distribution is now taken care of by Brands For Fans - a new company who has had a major break through with successful releases such as Iron Maiden’s TROOPER Ale and Motörhead’s Shiraz wine.

Sari Wilholm at Brands for Fans says:

“We have always admired what Mark Beaman does with his tributes to the big rock albums. It is a huge honor for us to be able to work with Wines That Rock, and be part of taking these wines to the next level.”

Mark Beaman himself says:

“I can't believe that this is my job.  I get to taste wine, listen to music, and think about how to put it all together in a bottle of wine that truly captures the essence of an album." 

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