Twisted absinthe signed by Jonas Åkerlund

After laying the world at his feet as a filmmaker and director, Jonas Åkerlund is now kicking down the door to the wine and spirits market with Ditch Twisted Ritual - a specially developed dark variant of absinthe, a beverage shrouded in mystery. The limited edition is now being launched with its contents and design influenced by Åkerlund’s personality and expression.

“Every time I put out a bottle of absinthe at home, people get a little scared. I like that. There’s so much mystique and myth surrounding it that draws you in, but the drink itself is highly underrated. There’s something about absinthe that triggers my creativity,” says Jonas Åkerlund.

Since its inception in the late 18th century, absinthe has been a loaded topic of a great deal of conversation. The unique taste, the preparation ritual, and accusations of evoking insanity have given absinthe a mystical and edgy aura. Many artists, authors and Bohemians have applauded absinthe as their muse and source of inspiration.

Absinthe has long had a warm place in Jonas Åkerlund’s heart, whether enjoyed at specially arranged absinthe parties with friends or in his own ritual together with a bit of Russian caviar. So there was no doubt about what the finished product would look like. An absinthe of the highest class, made in Nyköping, Sweden by Nils Oscar and limited to just 300 bottles.

“The making of Ditch Twisted Ritual was both demanding and inspiring since Jonas had such a clear vision of the desired results and great interest in the drink’s history and mystique. Together, we’ve created a unique absinthe that, with its dark colour, distinctive taste and twisted packaging, breathes everything that the global star Jonas Åkerlund stands for. I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to do this together with Jonas and Brands For Fans,” says Patrick Holmqvist at Nils Oscar.

Ditch Twisted Ritual was developed in cooperation with Brands for Fans. The company is based in Sweden and stands firmly with one foot in the artist world and the other in the beverage industry. Brands for Fans has extensive experience of business to fans and after five years has managed to create and release products together with bands, rock festivals and artists, such as Motörhead, Sweden Rock Festival, Slayer, Ghost, Rammstein and more.

“Being entrusted by Jonas with this effort is a great honour in its own right,” says Sari H Wilholm at Brands For Fans. “He’s no traditional artist, but is careful to show the coolest sides of the artists. Jonas Åkerlund’s Ditch Twisted Ritual is craftsmanship through and through!”

About Ditch Twisted Ritual
Ditch Twisted Ritual is an absinthe of the highest class with complex flavours, made of the classic ingredients wormwood, anise and fennel that are leached out in the alcohol before being distilled. The absinthe is then flavoured further with even more wormwood, as well as hyssop and balm leaves, before being filtered and bottled. The results are a bitter, flavourful drink with a twisted dark tone and a striking wormwood and anise character.

FACTS: Launch in Sweden June 1st
Article number: 82415-02 (Systembolaget in Sweden)
Price: SEK 996
Producer: The Nils Oscar Company
Distributor: Brands For Fans Sweden AB
Alcohol vol: 68%
Design: aStory Kommunikationsbyrå ( and Jonas Åkerlund

About Jonas Åkerlund
Jonas Åkerlund began his career as a drummer in the legendary black metal band Bathory. In the mid-1980s, he traded his drummer’s stool for a director’s chair. Today, Jonas is one of the world’s most sought-after filmmakers. After successful collaboration with such artists as Madonna, U2, the Rolling Stones, Metallica and Beyoncé, Jonas Åkerlund is now current with his fourth feature-length film Lords of Chaos.