Brands For Fans will take over the handling of all sales, marketing and distribution of all products available in Motörheads drinks portfolio.
“It’s a natural step for Motörhead to gather their drinks portfolio in one place. We’re grateful for Grapes Sweden’s courage and hard work with putting Motörhead on the map of drinks, and we can see that this is only the beginning of the development of this type of product. To be able to take it to the next level, the work must be focused and directed to the customers, i.e. the fans, and that is what we do at Brands for Fans”, says Yvonne Wener, Brands for Fans

The beer Motörhead Bastards Lager and the wine Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz Bag-In-Box are already with Brands for Fans; now the Motörhead Shiraz (750 ml bottle), Motörhead Shiraz Rosé and Motörhead Vodka make an addition to the portfolio. Today the products are distributed through Scandinavia, as well as Europe, and demand for the products is huge.

”We work with a strong focus on finding the right partner to collaborate with in each market. It’s important that our partners understand the strength and potential in the products, and realize that it’s the fans who are our customers”, says Sari H. Wilholm, Brands For Fans.

The Motörhead drinks portfolio consists of:
Motörhead Vödka Motörhead Shiraz (bottle)
Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz Bag-in-Box
Motörhead Shiraz Rosé
Motörhead Bastards Lager
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About Motörhead
Grammy Award-winners Motörhead consist of Lemmy Kilmister (bass and vocals), Phil Campbell (guitars) and Mikkey Dee (drums). The band was formed in 1975, and have released 21 studio albums. The Wörld is Yours, the latest album from the band, was released in February 2011.
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About Brands for Fans
Brands for Fans are an importer and distributor, specialised in launching, selling and marketing drinks connected to bands, artists and high profile brands. Within Brands for Fans there is a passionate interest in music, popular culture and a huge experience in the wine and spirits business. The Brands for Fans drinks portfolio also holds the Slayer Reign In Blood wine, with more product launches to be expected during the year.

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