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The worlds loudest band release worlds probably most requested whisky.

By now everyone knows that Motörhead walk their own path and do things their own way. To celebrate 40 years of eardrum crushing, Motörhead Whisky is now released in collaboration with beverage partner Brands For Fans and award-winning Swedish distillery Mackmyra. 

The un-compromising attitude that characterises the band’s music is also obvious in Motörhead Whisky: bourbon-influences up front, it’s an alert and vital - almost cocky - perfectly balanced whisky with nice caramel and typical vanilla notes from American oak. October 1:st sees the release of Motörhead Whisky at Systembolaget in Sweden to start with, and the band have played an active role in both choosing casks and blends to put their name on the label.

With Motörhead Whisky the band have made two top releases in one blow since the new album "Bad Magic" was just released earlier this summer and topped the charts in several countries.

Lemmy Kilminster, Motörheads legendary front man, founder, gravel-voiced vocalist and bass player says: "Life is less painful with Motörhead Whisky. I may consider having a sip now and then."

Mikkey Dee, Motörhead-drummer: "We think it’s great fun to launch a whisky in collaboration with a Swedish, world-famous distillery, Mackmyra. The whisky is incredibly good, with full character and fully flavoured with a superb bourbon touch, as it’s been aged in new American oak casks. All of us in the band have been active in the production process and are very proud over the result, and are happy to now launch such a great, characteristic whisky, Motörhead-style."

Sari Wilholm at Brands For Fans adds: "Motörhead are legends, and it has been a tough job to find the right style and type of whisky for them to stand for. Mackmyra produces world-class whisky, and the rich bourbon flavour in Motörhead Whisky showcases the amazing blending talents of Angela D’Orazio. The band has been trying casks and blends and have found a smooth whisky with a tough attitude to release. We are incredibly proud to be a part of this release." Motörhead Whisky suits any occasion where you’d otherwise have chosen a bourbon, as well as times where a classic scotch malt whisky would have been your first option.

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With the HammerFall Legacy of Kings Single Malt Scotch Whisky, the band had a hit with fans of both metal and world-class whiskies. With its’ peaty character it became a consumer and press-favourite and sold out faster than the double bass drums of Hector’s Hymn.

Working with the whisky whet their appetite and to celebrate the 18 years since the debut album ”Glory to the Brave” was released, the band decided to launch their second whisky: HammerFall Imperial. This time it’s an 18 year old Speyside-whisky that’s been selected and released in a strictly limited edition. Looking at the finite amount of older whisky available internationally, it’s a sensational feat to find casks of HammerFall Imperial 18YO quality.

Imperial has a great balance between sherry and vanilla notes with both nuttiness and raisin sweetness and a long, pleasant after-taste. With 18 years in cask, it’s an incredibly well balanced, elegant and smooth whisky that the world-leading metal band have chosen.

“If you buy anything with the HammerFall brand, you should be certain it’s an exclusive product”, Joacim Cans, HammerFall vocalist, explains. “If a whisky isn’t to our liking, it doesn’t matter how old it may be or where it’s from. All that matters is that we like the product and can endorse it. As Legacy of Kings was so multi-faceted and complex in it’s flavour profile, we wanted an older, more elegant whisky this time. You can’t really compare the products as they play in different series, but in the same division: the top!”

Sari Wilholm of Brands For Fans adds: “Legacy of Kings became a huge success for both HammerFall and us, so it was obvious that we wanted to continue our collaboration. HammerFall Imperial 18 YO really is a lucky strike where age, flavour, character and elegance all meld together. It’s a truly exclusive whisky we’re releasing and I’m certain that the fans will love it when they get to try it. It’s always a pleasure working with dedicated artists with a huge interest in these things, we believe that shines through in the whisky the band have put their name to.”

HammerFall Imperial 18 YO is released October 1st in a strictly limited edition of 1 200 bottles and the price is 999 SEK.

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